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    Last updated on February 1st, 2014

    This page describes the terms and conditions of sevices (Terms) that govern your use of www.norbi.biz.hr (the “Site”).


    By using any part of the Site and its components you automatically accept all of the current terms of use. The users are required to read the terms of use on a regular basis and it is considered that the users are familiar with the current terms of use at any given moment and that they understand them completely if they use the Site or any of its component continuously.

    You must not use any component of the Site for unlawful purposes or for the promotion of such activities!!!


    All users have the right to use the content of the Site without charge only if they do not violate the terms of use.

    The Site consists of its own content, the content of the partners and advertisers, free content, the content created by the visitors and the links to external websites. The Site publishes the content with good intentions and cannot be considered responsible for the content outside the website.

    The Site publishes the content with good intentions. All of the content of the Site is used at your own risk and the Site cannot be held responsible for any harm resulting from the use of the website and it does not bear the responsibility for any harm caused by advertising on the website.

    The access to the Site and to all of its content is allowed to people of any age.

    Changing the content and the services

    The Site reserves the right to change, suspend (temporarily or permanently) any content or services on the website without prior notice.


    The Site has copyright to all of its content (text, audio and visual materials, databases and source code). Any unauthorized use of any part of this website without the permission of the copyright holder, is considered copyright infringement of the Site.

    If you believe that the Site has violated your copyright, the case will be immediately looked into and the disputable content will be immediately removed after the possible confirmation of the validity of the complaint.

    Links to external websites

    The Site contains links to external websites. The Site publishes the links with good intentions and it cannot be held responsible for any content outside the website.

    Privacy Policy

    The Site protects the privacy of the user to the greatest possible extent. The Site undertakes to use with good intentions the information obtained from the users during the use of the website and not to distribute or sell private information to a third party unless it has the permission of the user.

    In accordance with the law, the Site has the right to gather specific information on users while they are using the website (solely computer-related data and information on the Internet provider) or the information entered during the registration. The Site uses this data to have the information about the users who use the website and thus improve the website and to direct and adapt its content to a greater degree for the visitors. On the basis of this data we determine which of the content is the most popular among the visitors. Collecting data of this type to such or to a greater extent is common and is used by world-renowned websites such as MSN, Google, etc.

    The Site undertakes not to sell nor distribute the collected information, such as email, name and surname without the permission of each individual user, except for the demographic data for a group of users without disclosing any private information.

    The Site undertakes to protect the privacy of users of the website except for the severe violation of rules of the Index.hr website or any unlawful user activities.

    Registered users

    By registering on the Site, the user is obliged to go through the registration procedure, enter genuine information and choose a username and a password.

    The Site is not in any way responsible for the content published by the visitors.

    All content published from an individual login is under the sole responsibility of the user who uses it.

    After confirming the validity of a possible complaint, the Site is obliged to remove the content of a user which is not in accordance with the relevant laws within a reasonable timeframe.

    Registered users are obliged to act in accordance with the specific rules for certain components of the website.

    The Site has the right to forbid the use of the website or a part of the website if it is determined that the user has broken the rules.

    The user is required to immediately report any unauthorized use of his account to the Site.

    The Site cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized use of an account or any possible harm caused in this way.

    Changing the terms of use

    The Site reserves the right to change or modify the rules without any prior notice. The Site can inform the users via email or by publishing on the website about the changes and modifications. If you use any content on the Site, it is considered that you are familiar with the latest rules.